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        2. Eeasy Tech Completes Pre-A Series Funding Round Led by Intel Capital
          2019-04-02 15:26:00
          Beijing, April 2, 2019 – Zhuhai Eeasy Technology Co. Ltd. (“Eeasy Tech”), a system solutions provider focusing on AI machine vision algorithms and SoC designs, announced today the company has completed a Pre-A Series funding round led by Intel Capital, with additional participation by previous angel investors Northern Light Venture Capital and Delta Capital.

          The proceeds from the funding will be used to expand Eeasy Tech’s IP to develop more advanced, efficient and complete SoC solutions, as well as broaden and strengthen the company’s growth in key market segments including video, smart home appliances, and consumer and automotive electronics.

          With comprehensive full-stack development capabilities, Eeasy Tech focuses on proprietary IP research and development for AI acceleration; high-definition (HD) display and audio-visual coding and decoding; and high-speed mixed signal circuits. By applying scenario-based IP design concepts, Eeasy Tech has industry-leading PPA (Performance/Power/Area) index for its independently developed IPs. The company launched its first test chip in 2017 and has recently completed the full mask tape out of its edge AI chip, with mass production planned for the second quarter of 2019.

          Feng Chen, founder of Eeasy Tech, said: “We are grateful to receive strategic investment from Intel Capital. By optimizing the use of Intel® Architecture and Intel's leading processing technology in the global semiconductor industry, we will develop broader AI application scenarios that help drive innovation within the sector.”

          Feng Chen is an industry veteran in image and display processing technology and was one of the founding engineers of Actions Semiconductor CO., Ltd (NASDAQ: ACTS) and Allwinner Technology CO., Ltd. (SZ: 300458).

          Tianlin Wang, China Country Manager at Intel Capital, said: “Eeasy Tech’s independent IP development and AI SoC solution efforts are well aligned with Intel’s strategy to uplift AI technology innovation and application breakthroughs. Eeasy Tech’s strengths in SoC design and R&D, combined with its embedded software system and core algorithm, should help to strengthen the AI ecosystem and accelerate the deployment of AI applications.”

          About Eeasy Tech

          Zhuhai Eeasy Technology Co. Ltd. is a systems solutions provider focusing on AI machine vision algorithms and SoC designs with AI capabilities in video, automotive electronics and intelligent hardware sectors. The company was founded in Zhuhai, China in July 2016 and has expanded with additional offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Eeasy Tech has more than 100 employees including a core team with successful SoC chip mass production experience and an R&D team that has an average length of service of more than 10 years. For more information about Eeasy Tech, please visit www.m74p.com>


          About Intel Capital

          Intel Capital invests in innovative startups targeting artificial intelligence, autonomous technology, data center and cloud, 5G, next-generation compute, and a wide range of other disruptive technologies. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested US$12.4 billion in 1,554 companies worldwide, and 670 portfolio companies have gone public or participated in a merger or acquisition. Intel Capital curates thousands of business development introductions each year between its portfolio companies and the Global 2000. For more information on what makes Intel Capital one of the world’s most powerful venture capital firms, visit www.intelcapital.com or follow @Intelcapital.

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